Your TV Is Digital. Your Specs Should Be Too!

So much of life is digital now. We watch 4KHD TV and films, use digital screens all the time, but what about upgrading our glasses to match our digital surroundings? Here at Feltham Eyecare Centre, we’ve taken the time to invest in some of the best and latest lens technology to tailor your prescription glasses with the utmost precision. This means your vision can be as sharp and comfortable as possible, no matter what you wear your glasses for. Let’s find out more…

Essilor Eyecode Technology

Top lens manufacturer Essilor has developed advanced technology that produces the most personalised lenses on the market. Everyone’s eyes are different, and that includes the way you use them. Their Eyecode technology uses 3D measurements of the Eye Rotation Centre (ERC). As your eye rotates, there’s a certain point which is the centre of this rotation. This point can vary by up to 30% from patient to patient, so by measuring it accurately, and taking your prescription and frame into account, glasses lenses can be produced that are bespoke to you.

Essilor Eyecode Technology

We are proud to use this technology, along with our Visioffice 2 system to measure your eyes and create tailor-made lenses. It’s easy to use and Covid safe – all you have to do is stand in front of the Visioffice screen, and the system will then capture measurements for lenses with a level of accuracy that’s second to none!

Let’s check out some of the advanced lens options available, all of which that can be personalised using Essilor’s Eyecode technology:

Varilux X4D

You’re having a cuppa, while checking your emails on the iPad, and pick up your phone to send a message all in the space of 5 minutes, but you’re struggling to focus your vision immediately for each task. Sounds familiar, right? With so many things happening at different distances, it makes sense for those of you who are over 40 with distance and near vision prescriptions to wear varifocal glasses that can accommodate all of your everyday activities!

Varilux X4D

This is where Mr Kasmani highly recommends Essilor Varilux X4D – a bespoke, progressive lens that transitions seamlessly from distance to intermediate computer vision, and everything in between, with the widest reading zone for phones, tablets, and a good old-fashioned book! These lenses also significantly reduce distortion and head movement, so you can experience clear vision effortlessly from day to day.


Eye strain, headaches, neck pain from prolonged use of digital devices – they’ve become a given for so many young professionals! Essilor’s single vision Eyezen glasses for computer use are designed to combat the signs of digital eye strain, with a boost zone for near vision at the bottom of the lens to optimise your vision. They can be used whether you have a glasses prescription or not, giving you comfortable, sharp vision throughout the day, without having to deal with eye strain.

Eyezen glasses for computer use


With glare from digital screens and bright sunshine to contend with now that summer’s here, your glasses definitely need to be fit for purpose, which is where Crizal lenses come into the picture. This range of lenses give excellent clarity of vision, whether you’re after anti-reflective glasses, UV protection, or you need a blue light filter incorporated into your glasses lenses. Crizal’s lens coatings are suitable for every lifestyle need, from everyday use, to driving, or sunglasses for summer.

Essilor’s amazing lens technology

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Contact us today to find out more about Essilor’s amazing lens technology, or to book yourself in for a lens and frame consultation with our expert team members at Feltham Eyecare Centre, so they can help you to find the best lens option for your visual and lifestyle needs.