What are the benefits of having thin glasses lenses?

Great glasses lenses make all the difference when it comes to your prescription eyewear, which is why we only choose the best available for our patients. As independent opticians, we have free reign to select the lenses we think will best suit each individual, one of which is Tokai Lutina – more specifically the 1.76 index lens. What’s so special about them, though?

Tokai lenses

Tokai Optecs combines the best of Belgian and Japanese innovation, lens designs, craftsmanship, and materials to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality glasses lenses, including distance vision, varifocal, near vision, and speciality lenses like those designed to give you the most comfortable and sharpest vision in the office, or at home.

They even offer Lutina lenses for glasses that absorb light in the range between 400 and 420 nm. Cutting out this wavelength of light helps to stop the lutein in your eyes from deteriorating and suppresses the generation of active oxygen.

Ultra-thin lenses for glasses

However, the showstopper for us is their 1.76 AS lens – the thinnest lens in the world! This is designed specifically for people with high prescriptions, who would usually need to wear glasses with thicker lenses to accommodate their prescription.

They may also have to compromise on the frame they really like and settle for something that is better suited to their thicker lenses – not the most fashionable look out there and something which can feel heavy and cumbersome for the wearer.

Tokai has worked hard to develop the lightest, thinnest, and flattest lens possible by combining this new 1.76 lens material with its in-house aspheric design concept.

This makes their 1.76 lens up to 47% thinner than a conventional glasses lens, which means it can be paired with virtually any frame you choose, giving you a more effortless look.

The aspheric design also means you can enjoy more natural and wider field of vision, while the lens’ high transparency and UV protection protect your eyes and provide you with the clearest and most comfortable vision.

Tokai 1.76 glasses lenses for glasses are suitable for distance, near, or varifocal prescriptions, and can also accommodate additional coatings and treatments, like Transitions light adaptive technology, and various tints.

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