The value of an Ocumetra

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently introduced an Ocumetra to our practice to support our existing myopia management methods. This valuable tool is essential for helping parents better understand myopia, its progression, and the negative consequences it can have on children’s eyesight. Read on to learn more about how to improve short-sightedness with an Ocumetra.

What is an Ocumetra?


An Ocumetra is a valuable tool in predicting the progression of myopia – another term for short-sightedness. This web-based data analytic tool makes complicated information accessible by bringing each patient’s data to life with intuitive interfaces and interactive educational tools that we can easily display to our patients during the appointment.

Myopia management made easy

While myopia management may seem overwhelming for some parents, this patient-friendly communication tool turns a complicated conversation into a comprehensible one. By providing a detailed analysis and free report to parents about their child’s myopia progression, parents will have all the information they need easily accessible on their mobile phones. With the Ocumetra we are able to provide the highest quality of care to every myopia patient by looking into the risk factors of myopia on the patient’s eye and to see if it predicts any complications.


We can also carry out biometry using the Revo 80 OCT Scanner. Continuously monitoring axial length (the length of the eye) allows us to build a picture of how quickly the condition is developing and the best management method needed. Thanks to this, we can go a step above and beyond when monitoring your child’s myopia progression.

Myopia management methods

As increased screen time contributes to myopia progression, we recommend spending less time on digital devices and more time outdoors (at least 2 hours a day). Spending more time outdoors prevents the onset of myopia and helps slow down myopia progression.

The myopia management methods we also offer include:

· Ortho K night lenses

· MiSight

· NaturalVue

· MYLO toric contact lenses

· contact lenses for astigmatism

· Stellest and MiYOSMART spectacle lenses

· Bloom Night or Day contact lenses by Menicon

Get in Touch

To ensure your child has the best vision possible, please book an eye appointment with our opticians in West London. This is the first step in determining whether myopia management tools such as shortsighted glasses or shortsighted contact lenses are necessary for improving your child’s vision. We also encourage you to learn more about myopia management here.