Look And Feel Wonderful With Feltham Eyecare Centre This Winter!

Here at Feltham Eyecare Centre, we know the importance of not only seeing well but looking and feeling good too. During this turbulent year, it’s been difficult to feel great at times, especially with lockdowns limiting our opportunities for socialising and therefore our chances to get dressed up. However, all is not lost!

One easy way to make yourself feel fantastic every day is with a stunning pair of glasses that really help you express your style and personality. The first accessory people usually see on your face are your glasses, so, whether you’re video chatting with friends, in a Zoom meeting for work, or venturing outside, you’ll be sure to turn heads with our glasses frame styles.

glasses frame styles

Hello 2021!

What better way to say goodbye to 2020 and embrace whatever the new year has in store for you than with an updated look? With our certified frame stylists and a plethora of different styles of glasses to choose from, we’re confident that we’ll be able to help you find your perfect pair!

Having completed the Eyewear Styling Academy CPD course, team members Mr Kasmani and Aleksandra are now officially trained to provide stylistic advice so you can express yourself with glasses that you not only like, but love. This course has enabled them to provide an even more personalised service, enhancing their understanding of the importance of shapes and colours to bring out your unique style in the most flattering way.

What Happens During Your Frame Styling Consultation?

eyewear styling process

For us, the eyewear styling process isn’t something that can be rushed, considering our aim is to really make a marked difference in our patient’s lives!

Starting with a short questionnaire, a member of our team will carry out a facial analysis to find the right frame shape for your features, and also look at your colouring so they can advise you which hues will complement your hair, skin and eye colour. They’ll then use that information to produce a styling guide so you can go about choosing glasses frames from the selection available that suits both your features, colouring, and individual style. And why just select one pair? With so many options available, you can invest in different pairs that are best suited for specific activities, like sports, work, or socialising!

We believe that choosing a new pair of specs should be fun, which is why we can also take pictures of you trying on different frames with our state-of-the-art Visioffice device.

funky yellow frames

Doesn’t Mr Kasmani look great in these funky yellow frames?! Now that’s what we call style!

What’s even better is that our frame and fashion styling consultations, typically worth £45, are completely free, so what are you waiting for?!

Book your appointment online or by calling 020 8867 0406 – we look forward to helping you start your journey to looking and feeling good in stylish eyewear this winter!