Get to know the new Varilux® XR progressive lenses

Looking for progressive spectacle lenses that provide instant sharpness, even when in motion? Look no further than Essilor’s Varilux® XR design – the Varilux® XR and Varilux® XR Pro.

What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses, commonly known as varifocal glasses lenses in the UK, correct near, intermediate and distance vision, enabling you to see things at any distance. With multiple prescriptions in one, you don’t need to switch between different pairs of glasses to see clearly. Rather, you’re able to seamlessly capture every detail near, far and every space in between so you can carry out your day-to-day tasks at your convenience.

Progressive lenses are usually worn by those who are 40 and over as our vision naturally changes as we age. Often when this happens, we need more than one prescription to see clearly.

The technology behind Varilux® XR lenses

While there are many types of progressive lenses out there, the new Varilux® XR series™ are by far the best progressive lenses to date when compared to other spectacle lens suppliers1.1, with 9/10 wearers now perceiving instant sharpness at all distances, even while in motion. But what exactly about their design makes them so great?

The answer lies in the lens technology. As the first lens to be powered by behavioural artificial intelligence, the design takes each wearer’s prescription and individual behaviour into consideration developing a visual behaviour profile that respects their natural eye movements. This is achieved by using new XR-motion™ technology, which enables the optimisation of binocular vision and precise positioning of focus zones in both lenses according to your visual behaviour profile.

The Varilux® XR Design™ also feature Nanoptix® technology which is designed to control colour distortion and magnification due to its unique shape and its patented semi-finish on the lens, eliminating the ‘off balance’ feeling patients experience from wearing progressive lenses. Alongside this, you’ll experience vision that is clear and sharp at any distance with amazing colour contrast and a field of vision like you’ve never experienced before.

How could Varilux® XR progressive lenses benefit you?

Modern-day living calls for a lot of multitasking. We live in a 24/7 connected world which means daily, you’re likely to be answering emails while texting, checking social media while you’re on the train, or taking pictures when you’re out with friends.

With more than 100,000 movements per day, our eyes need to make extra efforts to maintain sharpness while we’re in motion and observing any visual target. Varilux® XR progressive lenses bring ease and convenience to today’s world by allowing you to see seamlessly within arm’s reach and beyond with high precision.

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