Specialist Lenses


1.76 AS, probably the thinnest lens in the world!

In pursuit of the thinnest and lightest lens possible, Tokai Optical has been successful in combining this new 1.76 index lens material with its in-house aspheric design concept, driving this class of lenses to new and undiscovered heights!

  • Ultra high refractive index 1.76.
  • Thin and light: up to 47% thinner than conventional CR39.
  • More natural vision field guaranteed by aspheric design.
  • High transparency: 99%.
  • Full protection against UV rays: UV400 nm.

If you have a high myopic prescription and want a thin and light cosmetic look, ask us about our specialist 1.76 AS Tokai lenses.


Whatever Your Prescription, Optimum RX Group Has The Clear Solution.

Optimum RX Group is an independent ophthalmic manufacturing company who supply and manufactures a wide range of specialist lenses and coatings whatever your lifestyle including hard coating, anti-reflection coatings, mirror coatings and lens tinting.

They also manufacture and supply prescription Rx lenses, including complex and speciality lenses and their own range of free form lenses.
The laboratory uses the latest state of the art cleaning and lacquering technology together with the most advanced processes and equipment to ensure a consistent high quality service every time.

Optimum is the Rx lens and lens coating supplier of choice for both opticians and optical laboratories delivering the complete ophthalmic solution across the UK.

To find out more about Optimum prescription lenses please contact us today.