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Utilising the highly advanced LATERAL DISSEMINATION TECHNOLOGY of the LS2.0, the XENTRA mapping has been specifically engineered to deliver the most comfortable, natural feeling vision possible with a varifocal lens.

At every distance the wearer benefits from the same enhanced acuity of any Optik Mizen varifocal, but with a feeling of greater freedom of eye movement due to the incredibly flat topographical shaping of the lens periphery (greatly reducing - and in some cases completely removing - all sense of restriction).

In patient trials several participants found XENTRA to provide more comfortable vision indoors than dedicated occupational lenses, such is the breadth of the intermediate.

ENTRA is the perfect premium option for both first-time and existing varifocal wearers with adaptation among the easiest of any lens on the market. It is fully compatible with PIN-SHARP ENHANCEMENT technology and with SOLAR INTELLIGENCE PIN-SHARP.

XENTRA can be dispensed with complete confidence irrespective of what the patient has worn before.

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LIFE SYNCHRONICITY is one of the world's most advanced varifocal lens designs incorporating award winning dual-surfaced production techniques with Optik Mizen's own LATERAL DISSEMINATION TECHNOLOGY[TM].

LATERAL DISSEMINATION is a unique and highly sophisticated approach to shaping the topography of a varifocal lens which affords greater peripheral control and the ability to significantly flatten the cylindrical element of accumulated astigmatism in the horizontal plane. This results in enhanced comfort for the wearer and a greater bandwidth of pure acuity.

The combination of LATERAL DISSEMNINATION with dual-surfacing is particularly beneficial for patients with higher levels of addition.

LIFE SYNCHRONICITY is engineered to fit perfectly with our modern digital lifestyle, offering enhanced near-intermediate vision where we need it the most. The visual fields of LIFE SYNCHRONICITY can be slightly adjusted by completing the on-line PATIENT PROFILE.

In addition to complete personalisation to your patient's frame choice, pupil path, and "as worn" position LIFE SYNCHRONICICTY has the choice of 7 corridor lengths for maximum control.


It provides outstanding acuity to the wearer at every distance, with enhanced depth perception and breadth of field.

It is fully personalised to the patient with EYE METRICS and MATRIX ASSIMILATION.

EQUINOX 2.0 is an excellent option for existing wearers (patients of all other lens designs progress easily into EQUINOX) as well as emerging presbyopes trying progressives for the first time.



AUTOBAHN offers arguably the most comfortable vision of any of the available driving lenses.

AUTOBAHN has been engineered from the ground up to make the driving experience as comfortable as possible. It offers superb breadth of sharp, comfortable vision of the road ahead and super-easy switching between the road, mirrors and dashboard.

It provides a specially developed glare filter that completely "mellows" the strain of vision in harsh daylight conditions.

The enhanced 14-strata EXCELCIS ANTI-REFLECTIVE coating developed for AUTOBAHN achieves unprecedented reduction of reflections to an incredibly low 0.2% per surface.

We challenge any other dedicated driving varifocal on the market to match AUTOBAHN HD for comfort, performance and - ultimately - safety on the road.


EQUINOX DIGI is the sister lens of EQUINOX 2.0.

It shares exactly the same technology but provides an enhanced "close zone" to suit patients who make extensive use of their near vision.

This may be patients who spend the majority of time indoors (either at home or work), perhaps reading, using digital devices, or working with their hands. Although the EQUINOX DIGI enhances near vision, there is only minimal compromise to distance vision when compared to EQUINOX 2.0 (intermediate is similar in both designs).

EQUINOX DIGI is designed for daily wear across a full range of tasks and is ideal for both existing varifocal wearers and emerging presbyopes.



NEAR BOOST has specifically been designed for pre-presbyopes, offering a sophisticated mapping application that gently introduces "boost" for near vision by any one of eight distinct additions:
0.34, 0.50, 0.66, 0.75, 0.91, 1.00, 1.14, 1.25.

NEAR BOOST is an excellent option for younger patients spending long periods working with computers/digital devices and can be a key factor in reducing eye strain and resultant headaches.
It can also be a great option for patients not yet ready for varifocals.


Optik Mizen produces a full range of prescription single-vision lenses all with EXCELCIS AR coating options as well as pin-sharp, photochromic, polarised, tint and mirror options.

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