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New generation of lenses allowing you to seamlessly capture every detail within arm’s reach, as well as beyond.

Today, everything has changed. We live in a 24/7 connected world, where multitasking is part of our normal life. With our behaviours evolving, our visual needs are also different to what they used to be. Our posture and the way we look at things have changed.

Everything that matters happens within arms reach and that’s why your near vision and what you can see between 40-70cm is so important.

Acknowledging today’s new visual needs, the Varilux team of experts have developed the new generation of Varilux lenses, Varilux X design™.


Extended Vision

Varilux®X series™ is the best universal Varilux® progressive lens allowing you to seamlessly capture every detail within arm’s reach with high precision, as well as beyond.

You will enjoy outstanding sharpness, continuous vision and fluidity from near to far.

Varilux®X series™ lenses dramatically reduce head movement so you don’t have to find the sweet spot.


Varilux Comfort Max


Varilux Physio 3.0


Varilux X4D

You’re drinking coffee while texting your partner, you're sending an email via your tablet on the train or checking your social media updates while out walking the dog... does that sound familiar? Much of what matters today happens within arm’s reach and if you're struggling with near vision as well as distance, you’ve probably considered varifocal spectacles.

The premium Varilux X4D is a complete experience allowing the most natural vision right across the lens when you need it the most. Here's some feedback from a wearer:


Unlike sunglasses, which have a set tint, Transitions lenses are constantly adapting to your surrounding light conditions. The constant and smooth transition allows you to see well in all light conditions.

Transitions are also personalised to your style. No matter which glasses frame you choose, we can fit a transition lens. Transitions lenses are also suitable for any age including children.

Choosing a glasses frame is a personal choice. Now, so is choosing the lens.

Choose from the three classical Transitions colours, including Grey, Brown and Graphite Green. You can also choose one of our 4 new colours, from the Transitions Style colours collection: amethyst, emerald, sapphire or amber.

There’s more, Transitions Style Mirror lenses block UV rays and help reduce exposure to harmful blue light, indoors and outdoors. These come in Blue, Gold, Green and Silver.


More than a just a sun lens, Xperio Polarising lenses eliminate glare, enhance colour and contrast, whilst protecting the eyes from damaging UV rays.

They’re ideal for driving, sports and other outdoor activities, and for people with light sensitivity.
Xperio polarising lenses have an Eye-Sun Protection Factor of 50+, which means they give your eyes 50 times more protection than wearing no lenses.

They come in a range of colours, including brown, grey and grey-green.

Available as prescription lenses, the Xperio polarising range is available across a wide range of materials and designs.

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Crizal image-min
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Wherever you are, indoors or outside, light interacts with your spectacle lenses at all angles. This can lead to bothersome reflections, which can be a source of discomfort and impact your everyday life. Crizal Sapphire UV reduces reflections from all directions. You will notice less distracting glare when looking through your lenses and will experience enhanced lens aesthetics so that your spectacles lenses look invisible to others.

With Crizal Sapphire UV your lenses deliver best in class transparency(1) for optimal vision and aesthetics. Your spectacles will have fewer reflections, which is great when you are taking selfies or talking to others.

Crizal Sapphire UV ensures your spectacle lenses are resistant and repellent from scratches, smudges, water droplets and dust particles. Meaning - your lenses are incredibly protected. Which comes in handy when facing everyday activities.


Our goal is to provide you with a modern solution to the modern problems of Blue-Violet light. Essilor have developed two lens innovations to do this: Eye Protect System and Eyezen Focus combined. Using unique technology, Eyezen lenses are designed to protect the eyes of those who lead a digitally connected life, by preventing eye fatigue, improving readability, and reducing light glare - regardless of whether you need prescription spectacles or not.

See. Protect. Prevent.

Eyezen is a range of eye protection lenses designed for those who live a connected life. Whether you work in a digital environment, are a regular video game marathon enthusiast, or hooked on social media, Eyezen lenses may aid in reducing eyestrain throughout the day.

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We are all spending more time on the road but the same problem comes up every time we are behind the wheel: we don’t feel as comfortable when driving at night. In fact, 17 million drivers in the UK struggle to see at night.

Did you know? Lights at night can create reflections and glare on our spectacles. These reflections and glare disturb our eyes, creating discomfort and lower visual acuity.

They can come from all directions and different sources (headlights, traffic lights, street lamps), turning the driving experience into an inconvenience more than a real pleasure.

Paired with Crizal Drive anti-reflective coating, Road Pilot offers:

• Up to 90% less reflections at night, leading to a decrease in glare
• Optimal clarity of vision during the day and night
• A larger, more enhanced field of vision for varifocal wearers
• Complete protection against scratches, smudges, dust, water, harmful UV and blue-violet light