Our Eyeplan Eyecare Scheme

We know that you want the highest standard in eyecare and eyewear, which is why we introduced our Eyeplan Scheme, which is designed to provide you with access to the very best eyecare at an affordable price.

When you sign up to Eyeplan, you pay a small monthly subscription starting from just £11.50 in exchange for our Gold Standard eye examination which means you also get access to special-rate member prices for your spectacles.

Eyeplan is about three things - care, quality and value.

Care: Care is not about an ‘eye test’ but an eye examination and ocular health check. It is about an Optometrist and Frame and Lens Expert spending time with you to understand your medical aspects, needs and lifestyle. It is about offering additional clinical care such as advanced scans and specialist services where appropriate.

Quality: All eyewear products are not of the same quality. As an Eyeplan member, you get access to spectacles and contact lenses of the highest quality at great prices.

Value: Value is not just about price. It is about what you get for your money and we believe that Eyeplan’s package of care, products, and Accidental Damage Cover offers you great value - the more you use it, the more value you get.

We aim to make high quality eyecare more accessible

Eyeplan is a fantastic way of looking after your eyes and receiving great value from your local independent optician.

There are Eyeplan schemes that take care of members whatever stage of life they are at or whether they prefer contact lenses, spectacles or both.

In exchange for a small monthly fee, Eyeplan members receive a number of different benefits, based around the Eyeplan core values - care, quality and value:

  • Inclusive Eye Examinations as frequently as a member wishes
  • We will be able to separately offer you great value on eyewear
  • Accidental Damage Cover for spectacles bought with Eyeplan
  • Discounted family membership
  • Moreover, Eyeplan members receive the peace of mind that their eyes and eyewear are under continual care and that we are here when you need us.

Eyeplan gives you access to the highest quality eyecare service. What’s more, spreading the cost over small monthly payments makes it so much more affordable. Listen to what our patients have to say about Eyeplan:

Eyeplan members are entitled to priority appointments with us, so they can see us as often as needed for complete peace of mind.

  • Gold Standard Private Eye Exam
  • Retinal Imaging
  • 3D OCT Scan
  • Dry Eye Examination and Follow Up Appointment
  • Eye Examinations when needed
  • 2 Year Accidental Damage Scheme Cover*
  • Frames at least 30% off
  • Lenses at least 30% off
  • 20% off Solutions and Accessories
  • 20% off Sunglasses
  • Reduced Membership Fees for Family Members
  • Contact Lens Aftercare**
  • Peace of Mind
  • Frame Styling Consultation
accidental demage

From just
£11.50 per month

Plus special reduced prices on:

  • Soft Contact Lens Fitting
  • Gas Permeable Contact Lens Fitting
  • Night Lenses (Ortho-k Fitting)
  • Scleral Contact Lens Fitting
  • Blephex Eyelid Hygiene Care
  • Schoolvision Assessment
  • Schoolvision Assessment Follow Up

*Accidental Damage Scheme Cover for spectacles purchased under the Eyeplan scheme.
** Part of the Eyeplan Contacts scheme.

FEC- designer glasses
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To find out more about the benefits of our Eyeplan Scheme and to book your next Eye Examination, call us today on 020 8867 0406