Enhance your lifestyle with soft contact lenses

If you’re a glasses wearer, you might not have considered contact lenses. Maybe you have tried them in the past and had a negative experience, or were told they weren’t suitable for you? Well, we’ll tell you now that there’s definitely nothing stopping you from giving them another go!

There are many advantages to wearing 2-weekly, monthly and daily soft contact lenses and huge advances in technology mean we can fit contact lenses for patients for all ages with virtually any prescription.

Why try daily soft contact lenses?

There are lots of lifestyle advantages to daily disposables, such as:

  • The ability to provide clear, panoramic vision without the obstruction that glasses frames can sometimes pose, for example while driving
  • Being able to use them part time and simply insert them for an outing or special occasion without having to worry about when you last disinfected them
  • Having the option to wear them every day, saving time on maintenance associated with reusable lenses, such as cleaning and storage
  • Using them for sports or outdoor activities to minimise risk of injury or glasses breaking, thus improving your performance
  • Being more hygienic and therefore safer, as they are thrown away at the end of every day, making you less prone to getting eye infections or irritation
  • Providing more comfort, as they allow less time for deposits to build up
  • An ideal vision correction solution to take on holiday, especially hot or really cold countries where you might have to contend with your glasses frequently steaming up
  • Presenting fewer allergy or dry eye problems

What about 2-weekly and monthly contact lenses?

Reusable soft contact lenses have been used for decades, and although they require more care when it comes to disinfecting and storing them, we do fit many patients with them.

  • These lenses are great for full time wearers who are looking for a more cost-effective vision correction solution – a single pair can be worn from anywhere between 2 weeks to even 3 months, depending on what type we recommend for you.
  • 2-weekly and extended wear lenses are made from breathable material that allows more oxygen to reach your eyes, meaning you can wear them for longer
  • Reusable lenses are generally more suitable for people with higher prescriptions, as sometimes they may not be available as a daily disposable option

Toric and multifocal contact lenses

Toric lenses are designed for people with astigmatism, which is when your eyeball is shaped more like a rugby ball than a sphere. They work to correct the distortion caused by astigmatism with close up and distance vision and can be worn as daily disposables or reusable lenses.

We consider multifocal contact lenses a game changer for those who need to wear varifocal glasses to correction near, intermediate and distance vision. This usually happens after the age of 40 due to a vision correction issue called presbyopia, which means the lens no longer has the flexibility to change its shape in order to adjust focus.

Our daily multifocal contact lenses in particular are very popular with our presbyopic contact lens patients, giving them clear vision at all distances without having to get used to their lenses in the same way first time varifocal wearers sometimes have to.

To make things even more convenient, you can now even get daily multifocal contact lenses for astigmatism in the UK, allowing people who have both presbyopia and astigmatism the convenience of enjoying the same benefits as other contact lens wearers.

Choose from a wide range of soft contact lenses

As an independent optician, we’re not restricted to any particular supplier, giving us complete freedom to work with you to find the best reusable or daily soft contact lenses to suit your lifestyle and visual needs.

Whether you’re looking for contact lenses for a straightforward prescription, or you need multifocal toric lenses, Mr Kasmani and his team will ensure they recommend the right type and brand for you and will also teach you how to insert and remove contact lenses correctly if you are a first-time wearer before you decide to place an order.

Advanced equipment

Making accurate recommendations and fittings for contact lenses requires state of the art equipment. This is why we’ve invested in the latest technology to ensure we can provide this for you.

Our new Keeler Symphony slit lamp allows us to carry out a detailed examination of the anterior eye, i.e. the surface of the eye where contact lenses sit to ensure your eye health is in the best shape for contact lens wear.

The Medmont E300 Topographer is one of our latest additions to our practice techonology too, accurately mapping the curvature of your cornea on the surface of your eye – another essential measurement for contact lenses to be fitted accurately for the best comfort and vision.

Eye measurements taken with the Medmont E300 Topographer

Our AOS software which we introduced to the practice last year, makes soft contact lens aftercare check-ups for existing wearers a breeze, as it designed for virtual consultations from the comfort of your own home with Mr Kasmani, our principal contact lens specialist.

An assessment of the eye from our AOS software

Book an appointment

After your initial consultation and teaching session, if you decide you would like to wear contact lenses, you also have the option of joining our Contact Lens Eyeplan. These direct debit monthly payments include a regular lens supply, full eye examinations, contact lens aftercare, discounts on other products, and much more – just another way we have tried to make wear contact lenses as affordable and accessible to you as possible!

Contact us to find out more about contact lenses or book a consultation with Mr Kasmani – we look forward to getting you started on your soft contact lens journey at Feltham Eyecare centre!