COVID-19 – Enhanced Safety Measures in Practice

We’re excited to welcome patients back for routine eyecare, but we understand that you may be feeling anxious. That’s why we’ve taken steps to keep you safe at our Feltham opticians practice.

One of the first steps we’ve taken is to have longer eye examination appointments, allowing us more time to assess your eye health and vision, practice social distancing and implement additional hygiene measures.

Our 1-hour gold eye examination includes a 3D OCT scan and retinal photography. As one of the first opticians to offer retinal imaging back in 2003, as well as the OCT scan in 2010, we have always understood the importance of examining the back of the eyes thoroughly, using the most up to date and non-invasive techniques. This is now more important than ever, as this advanced equipment enables us to scan your eyes from a safe distance.

That’s not all though – we’ve also invested in new technology to support a more safer patient experience.

Eyecare technology to keep you safe

Whether you are looking to get an eye test in Feltham or are in need of new glasses, you can rest assured that as your trusted opticians in the Hounslow area, we’ve put in place the very latest technology to meet your optical needs and keep you safe. Here’s how the 4 new additions to our eyecare technology can help you:

1) Accurate, socially distanced fitting of glasses lenses

Whether you need single vision or progressive lenses, we’ll ensure you get an accurate fit with our Essilor Visioffice 2 dispensing system. All you need to do is stand in front of the Visioffice screen with special clips attached to your glasses. The system then captures measurements for the correct fitting of your lenses with an accuracy that is second to none.

2) New prescriptions without getting up close

Our Topcon 5000 phoropter allows for greater distance between you and our optometrist when it’s time to check your prescription. There’s no need for us to put on trial frames now – instead, we’ll simply ask you to look through the lenses of the phoropter while it determines your prescription.

3) Lenses that won’t mist up with your mask on

Avoid fogging up glasses when your face mask is on with Essilor anti-fog glasses lenses. These lenses have a special surface layer that repels water and mist – especially useful for healthcare and essential workers who have to wear glasses everyday.

4) Eye pressure checks without the air puff

Eye pressure checks are vital for detecting glaucoma. Now, with our Icare tonometer – available for private and Eyeplan patients – we don’t need to use a puff of air to detect the internal pressure level. It’s so quick, you’ll hardly notice it!

With our new technology up and running, you can look forward to safe and effective eyecare at Feltham Eyecare Centre. Get in touch to book your appointment or speak to one of our friendly staff for advice.