Contact lenses vs glasses for Christmas

Are you considering switching from glasses to contact lenses, or adding them as another vision correction option? While glasses are a stylish accessory, contact lenses equally offer ease and convenience to daily life. Better still, unlike glasses, they won’t clash with your favourite Christmas outfit!

Here’s our take on contact lenses vs. glasses.

Benefits of contact lenses

Benefits of contact lenses

While we love glasses, contact lenses are a great and versatile alternative – whether you want to wear them full time or just for special occasions.

Our top reasons we love contact lenses include:

  • No hassle with fogged up glasses in winter weather
  • Playing sports like skiing, or snowboarding with clear, unobstructed vision
  • Act to enhance your natural appearance
  • Provide panoramic vision without any frame obstructions like glasses might
  • They go well with every Christmas outfit

Can anyone wear contact lenses?

These days, contact lenses are so advanced that they are suitable for virtually all prescriptions. We’re available to discuss whether you’re eligible to wear and beyond.

Making the switch

person taking out the contacts from container

At our Feltham opticians practice in West London, Mr Kasmani, our lead optometrist and contact lens practitioner will ensure the switch from glasses to contact lenses is a smooth and easy process.

We carry a range of different types of contact lenses and brands, with the freedom to order from whichever ones we feel will suit your vision and lifestyle best, which is why Mr. Kasmani has had so much success over the years in finding the right lenses for his patients’ eyes, even if they haven’t had luck with contact lenses before then.

He can even customise your lenses if you have a more complicated prescription, or a condition like keratoconus, thanks to state of the art equipment like the Medmont E300 Topographer to map out the curvature of your eyes for the most accurate, comfortable fit and clarity of vision.

women putting in lens to her eye

From your initial consultation and fitting, to teaching you how to insert and remove your lenses correctly, and all aftercare appointments following, we’re here to guide you every step of the way on your contact lens journey.

To ensure patients have the most cost-effective and convenient transition, we also provide a Practice Plan system, which spreads the cost of your contact lenses over small, monthly payments. The scheme includes eye exam and contact lens check-up appointments, cheaper contact lenses, as well as added benefits like discounted eyewear.

Get contact lenses in Greater London

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of good eyesight with comfortable and convenient contact lenses. If it’s been a while since your last eye exam, or you want to schedule a contact lens consultation, why not book an appointment at our Feltham opticians practise in West London now?