Comfort & Clarity with Mark’ennovy Custom Contact Lenses

Everyone’s eyes are different, and as a result, some individuals may have trouble finding contact lenses that are comfortable and easy to wear. So, what’s the answer to this problem? Trying custom contact lenses!

Made-to-measure, they are guaranteed to fit the curvature of your eyes perfectly, giving you excellent clarity of vision and comfort.

Let’s look at one of the custom contact lens brands Mr Kasmani – our lead optometrist and contact lens practitioner – can fit at our Feltham opticians practice in West London – Mark’ennovy.

Mark’ennovy contact lenses

Mark’ennovy was founded in Spain in 1997 and has been innovating and pushing contact lens standards ever since. Always working with a precision-based approach, the company has invested in using new materials and technologies to give patients the best possible lenses to suit their individual needs.

Research shows that 1 in 3 people who try contact lenses for the first time with standard soft lenses decide not to continue within the first year. Lack of comfort is one of the main reasons for this, which is why bespoke lenses are a much better option for some people.

Advantages of custom contact lenses

We’ve spoken about comfort, but that’s not the only reason to invest in custom lenses. Lots of people have problems with dry eyes, so if you’re looking for the best contact lenses for dry eyes in the UK, Mark’ennovy bespoke lenses have to be up there, thanks to their enhanced breathability and moisture retention.

If you have a complex prescription or eye shape, bespoke contact lenses are of great benefit too, allowing you to enjoy sharper vision as well as comfort.

Mylo soft contact lenses for myopia management

Mark’ennovy also offers contact lenses to slow down the progression of short sightedness in children – known as myopia management. MYLO is a monthly silicone hydrogel lens that uses the Brien Holden Vision Institute’s patented Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) technology to slow the progression of myopia.

These lenses also have class 1 UV protection, better oxygen permeability and higher water content, and are available as toric lenses for people with astigmatism too.

Find out more about custom contact lenses

If you’d like to find out more about bespoke contact lenses, contact our Feltham opticians practice in West London to book a consultation. Mr Kasmani has invested in advanced diagnostic equipment and as an independent optician, he has the freedom to choose lenses from any suppliers, to ensure you get the best lenses to suit your vision and lifestyle needs.