A word on sunglasses, UV protection & the best sunglass lenses

The sun is a vital source of energy for humans and nature. However, it can be harmful to our health if we don’t protect ourselves from its rays. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause all sorts of damage to our skin and eyes. In this blog, we’ll focus on the effects of UV rays on our eyes and how wearing sunglasses can protect us. From understanding the differences between UVA and UVB rays to the importance of prescription sunglasses and their styles, we’ve got you covered.

About UV

UV rays can cause a range of short-term and long-term eye problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration, photokeratitis, pinguecula, pterygium and even skin cancer on the eyelids which in itself explains why sunglasses are important. There are two types of UV rays that can cause these issues – UVA and UVB. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the eyes, damaging the retina and can lead to long-term damage to our eyesight, while UVB rays mainly cause short-term damage to the cornea and could lead to cataracts and skin cancer. Therefore, proper eye protection while outdoors is necessary, and sunglasses can help prevent this damage.

What you need to know about sunglasses:

When choosing sunglasses, it’s essential to note that not all sunglasses are created equal. Sunglasses purchased from unauthorised online or market vendors may not have a UV filter, which means they will just act as dark lenses. These add an increased risk to your eyes, as your pupils will dilate more allowing more UV rays to penetrate. When purchasing sunglasses, choose from a reputable vendor that sells high-quality products so you can be sure they provide 100% UV protection from both types of rays.

People often underestimate the significance of sunglasses for children.  Research estimates that 80% of UV damage occurs before we reach the age of 18 and with children spending more time playing outdoors, they require proper protection from UV rays just as much, if not more than adults. Therefore, it’s essential to have children wear sunglasses from a young age with an appropriate UV filter. This will not only provide sufficient protection for their precious eyes but also help them develop the habit of wearing sunglasses outside. We stock a wide range of the best UV protection sunglasses for children which will ensure your kids eyes are safe all year long from UVA and UVB rays. Alongside ensuring the lenses offer 100% UV protection, finding frames that are made from polycarbonate materials are well suited for children. We understand how much kids move around and play a lot which can mean things can break easily which is why polycarbonate materials are highly impact-resistant and are able to take a significant amount of damage.

Prescription sunglasses are essential for individuals who need corrective glasses to improve their vision as they provide both UV protection and vision correction. Wraparound sunglasses are the most effective style for optimal eye protection. They offer extensive coverage and prevent UV rays from entering the sides of the lenses. However, accommodating prescriptions can be challenging due to the curved lens. But don’t worry, we have a solution!

We offer Bollé sunglasses, which are among the best prescription sports sunglasses in the UK. They are suitable for everyday wear and can be customized into wraparound styles. When it comes to wraparound prescription sunglasses, We believe Bollé is the ideal choice. They have designed their lenses to provide wearers with distortion-free vision, offering the clearest and widest field of view.

Wide range of lenses:

There are numerous sunglass lens types available on the market, including polarised, transition, Crizal UV range, and Xperio by Essilor. With such a wide range of options, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. However, worry not, as we will guide you through each type to provide clear understanding.

Polarised lenses are specifically designed to provide high levels of sun protection and block out glare. We stock polarised magnetic clip on lenses that you can attach and take off from your favourite glasses from designer brands like Emporio Armani. On the other hand, transition lenses offer you a 2-in-1 solution, acting as both glasses and sunglasses with their light-adaptive lens that reacts to the environment. They provide UV protection through both prescription glasses and sunglasses. What are your thoughts are polarised lenses better?

Essilor Xperio sun lenses are designed to fit every activity and lifestyle. These lenses offer UV protection, vision correction, and reduced glare. If you are a frequent driver, this lens will solve your vision problems.

Lastly, Crizal UV lenses offer a great lens coating to your eyewear. It reduces glare, is scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant, and protects you from UV rays.


Ensuring the health of our eyes requires protection from harmful UV rays. The best way to achieve this is by wearing sunglasses with adequate UV filters. It is important to understand the significance of sunglasses for both yourself and your family and choose the appropriate lenses that meet your needs. Visit our opticians in West London today to explore our range of sunglasses and safeguard your eyes.