5 reasons why your varifocal lenses may not work!

Reason 1 – The frame might not be suitable:

If your varifocal lenses have been fitted into an unsuitable frame then your vision will suffer. This could be due to the physical features of the frame such as the depth of the eye shape or how it fits across your nose. This can happen if you are left to browse the spectacle frames yourself, or worse still, you have chosen your frame online or without the assistance of a frame and lens dispensing expert.

Reason 2 – The frame doesn’t fit you correctly:

How the frame fits on your face is vital to the performance of the varifocal lenses. The bridge fitting on your nose, the distance the lenses sit in front of your eyes, the angle that the frame front makes to your face, the depth of the lens shape below the level of your pupils and the position of your eyes within the shape of the lenses will all have a dramatic effect in the final visual performance of your spectacles. A frame that isn’t fitted correctly to your individual facial measurements will almost certainly result in a reduced visual experience, often reducing the ‘sweet spots’ of perfect vision within the lenses and thereby impacting badly on visual performance.

Reason 3 – Your varifocals may be an old or generic design:

You may have not been offered the ideal choice of varifocal lenses for your lifestyle and your individual needs. There are hundreds of varifocal lenses now available and you may be wearing an old or basic design. This means your viewing area is restricted and you have to use a lot of head movements to see all distances and areas in focus. Modern digital varifocal lenses are much more advanced. Selecting the correct lens type for you is critical and the latest advanced varifocal lenses can be personalised and bespoke using the latest technology to provide you with a more comfortable and fantastic visual experience that is similar to natural vision.

Reason 4 – Your varifocal lenses aren’t aligned and aren’t designed to the way the frame was fitted:

All measurements should be taken by a frame and lens dispensing expert within an Opticians. Measuring pupillary distance, also known as PD’s are not enough, as the centration of the lens within a frame is different to an individuals PD. The centration depends on how the frame fits your face and could be sitting slightly more to one side or the other. Furthermore, the height of the centration may depend on the tilt of the frame and if your natural head tilt position is higher or lower. The positioning of the lenses within the frame and the position of the frame on your face whilst being worn by you, are a vital part of the dispensing process. A personalised and bespoke lens fitting using the latest technology would enable your varifocal lenses to be fitted to your frame and how you wear them using high precision measurements. If not enough measurements are taken during the dispensing appointment, or they are taken by an inexperienced person, your lenses could be set incorrectly. This would result in your vision being blurred in the areas where you would be expecting clarity.

Reason 5 – The process was rushed:

Your varifocals need to be a reflection of you and what you do. This takes time. Your Optician needs to give you time so that you can be listened to while you explain your visual needs and the challenges that you face every day. The process of choosing and fitting lenses should not be rushed. The human touch is also required where a discussion can be made about choosing the most suitable lens for your visual needs, tasks and budget. Sometimes you may require a different varifocal lens for a specific task you are carrying out such as driving, sports and computer use. This enables you to to get the best out of your visual needs for that specific task.


When investing in something as precious as your everyday vision, choose an eyecare provider who takes the time to discuss all of your options personally with you whilst taking accurate measurements for your individual facial measurements. We specialise in fitting personalised, bespoke Digital Varilux X4D varifocal lenses using our Visioffice. Every Varilux X4D lens is personalised and Bespoke to you and requires a lot more detail in the measuring process to allow for greater customisation of how you like to wear your spectacles. The fitting of Varilux X4D varifocal lenses takes into account many measurements that details the movement of your eye, known as your eye rotation centre, and it can differ by up to 30% per individual and this includes taking extra measurements, how the frame is fitted, the tilt of the spectacles, the natural turn of your head, how the frames are wrapped, eye dominancy, and how you read.

At Feltham Eyecare Centre, we would love you to choose us as our aim is to remove all of the worry. We are a Bespoke Varilux Practice where we have invested in the latest technology to provide a one-to-one personal service offering you the latest innovative lenses available.


Our certified frame and lens experts are there to guide you through choosing a spectacle frame that not only matches your face shape, colouring and fashion choices but allows for your personal lens prescription to maximise the clearest vision possible. We make sure that you are offered the most suitable option for your lifestyle needs and requirements, taking into account what you do for work, rest and play. We always start with the latest option of lenses, which are digitally designed to offer the widest and most comfortable areas of vision. We take the time to measure your lenses digitally using Visioffice which offers personalised measurements taking into account the way your frame fits your face and eye rotation. Our top level lens, the Digital Varilux X4D includes additional measurements for a more accurate reading zone.


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